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Sat, Sep 23, 2017


Economic and Environmental Regulation of International Aviation | Steven Truxal
Economic and Environmental Regulation of International Aviation
June 2017 - The changing landscape from the early days of the Chicago System - the Chicago Convention and its Annexes, and ICAO and its structures - in which a largely State-owned airline sector has evolved into a fast-growing, liberalised and global multi-national industry, together with global challenges like climate change, requires a new impetus for the economic and environmental regulation of international aviation, argues Dr Steven Truxal. The agreement by ICAO States to implement the CORSIA global market-based measure (GMBM) scheme for international aviation emissions last October has revealed an unprecedented and transformational shift from the traditional 'standard-setting' authority of ICAO, including environmental regulation, towards an upgraded system of global economic regulation that brings with it more inclusive norm-setting and decision-making processes, as well as responsibility for non-State and private actors. Read more ...