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Developing a UK Aviation Strategy – Heathrow implementation and the future of airport capacity across the UK

14 September 2017

London, UK


This WEET morning seminar will examine the development of a new Aviation Strategy for the UK and a National Policy Statement (NPS) on airport expansion. Following the consultation and review of the draft NPS and the consultation on the design and use of UK airspace, delegates will assess the planning framework for future expansion and the policy priorities for sustainability in the aviation sector. With the release of the Heathrow 2.0 sustainable expansion plan and the Airports Commission report calling for an effective air quality policy, sessions will focus on managing the impacts of expansion on air quality, local surface transport and the wider effects on communities throughout the implementation of an expanded Heathrow Airport.


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Global Sustainable Aviation Summit 2017

3-4 October 2017

Geneva, Switzerland


The Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) event is being co-organised with ACI, CANSO, IATA and ICCAIA. The Summit is the only event in which the main industry associations bring together airlines, airports, air navigation service providers, manufacturers, suppliers, governments, NGOs and environmental groups to discuss aviation and sustainability. It will address technology, sustainable alternative fuels, illegal trafficking, community issues, hazardous waste, aircraft end-of-life and other issues through interactive panel debates and breakout workshops.


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Second ICAO Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels

11-13 October 2017

Mexico City, Mexico


Resolution A39-2 passed at the 39th Session of the ICAO Assembly reaffirmed the need for alternative fuels to be developed and deployed in an economically, socially and environmentally acceptable manner. States are encouraged to take action at national and international levels. This conference will build upon the results of the ICAO Alternative Fuels Seminar held in February 2017, and of the First ICAO Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels held in November 2009, which endorsed the use of sustainable alternative fuels for aviation as an important means of reducing aviation emissions and established the ICAO Global Framework for Aviation Alternative Fuels.


The conference will consider recommendations for action on key topics including developments in research and certification, financing and assistance programmes, challenges and policy making, and defining the ICAO vision on aviation alternative fuels and future objectives.


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Aircraft Noise – Can We Build Community Tolerance?

12 October 2017

London, UK


The Royal Aeronautical Society’s annual Greener by Design conference will this year focus on aircraft noise and the challenge of getting community engagement, understanding and ultimately tolerance at a time of growing and modernised airspace operation near busiest airports. The conference will look at the issue from the recipient’s perspective, hear of the latest research, share experience from the consultative front-line and seek a better understanding of the issues and potential mitigating measures. This event should be a timely opportunity for all parts of the aviation industry, local authorities and community groups, together with government, regulators and academics with an interest in noise.


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IATA Alternative Fuel Symposium

16-17 November 2017

Vancouver, Canada


This third symposium is organised in conjunction with the IATA Aviation Fuel Forum and will provide a platform for industry professionals to interact and be informed about the latest developments and insights from the leaders in sustainable aviation fuel. Topics for the symposium will include the outcomes from ICAO’s alternative fuels conference in Mexico; 2020 production potential including barriers and enablers; innovative deployment solutions; global and regional initiatives; and airline strategy and demand trends.


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ICAO Green Airports Seminar

29-30 November 2017

Montreal, Canada


The seminar will enable discussion and exchange of best practice to reduce environmental impacts and cover a range of topics including ground handling, land/air-side mobility, renewable energy, community engagement and sustainability reporting. New business models and financing of environmental projects and mitigation measures will also be explored in line with the No Country Left Behind initiative.


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Aviation Carbon 2017

4-5 December 2017

London, UK


Following on from two previous successful conferences in 2012 and 2013, this year’s event will again bring the aviation and carbon markets together to discuss and hear from experts on the planning and implementation of ICAO’s global Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). It will also look at the implications for other carbon schemes affecting aviation such as the EU ETS, and critical issues such as Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) requirements and which carbon offsets are likely to be eligible under CORSIA. The conference will be of interest to airlines and the wider aviation industry, carbon markets, MRV specialists, NGOs, industry consultants, regulators and civil aviation authorities.


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