Emirates pledges $150,000 funding from recycling programme to support environmental or conservation projects

Emirates pledges $150,000 funding from recycling programme to support environmental or conservation projects | Emirates

Emirates established the 225 sq km Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve that protects critical desert habitat and a variety of endangered species

Mon 8 Apr 2013 – Emirates has announced its ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ initiative that aims to support environmental or conservation projects by established not-for-profit organisations. Funding of up to $150,000 has been raised through internal recycling programmes across the Emirates Group, which recycles more than 5 million kg of materials across various programmes in Dubai, including an innovative initiative to recycle tonnes of obsolete aircraft chinaware into an oyster bed. The airline group is already involved in conservation and eco-tourism projects in Dubai and Australia. Under the new initiative, organisations are invited to submit proposals describing their project, the deliverables and the impact to the local environment, and will be considered by a cross-company committee within Emirates. Applications must be submitted by April 25.

Applicants will be assessed through two stages of review by the committee, which will be comprised of senior Emirates executives, members of the Environmental department and a selection of ‘EmChamps’ – Emirates Group staff with a passion for environmental issues. Submissions that meet the awarding criteria and committee review will be invited to the second stage where they will present their project proposal in greater detail to the committee for final review.

Preference will be given to projects meeting specific criteria such as having an impact on a country, particularly a developing country, served by the Emirates network, organisations audited and verified by a third party on an annual basis, existing projects (or those associated with an existing NGO) and projects involving conservation and/or environmental technology.

Emirates will provide a one-off award to the successful organisation or organisations, with no continuous funding to supplement the project in the future, and deliverables must start within 24 months of the award. Another requirement is that Emirates’ representatives must be permitted to monitor the development and outcomes of the project.

Organisations wishing to apply and submit a proposal can download a form from the ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ website and individuals may also nominate an organisation by email.

“With the success of the Emirates recycling programme, we were faced with an enviable position – how to utilise these funds and invest back in the community, which led to the creation of ‘A Greener Tomorrow’,” said Andrew Parker, Emirates’ Senior Vice President of Public, Industry, International and Environment Affairs. “Reflecting Emirates belief that sustainability is necessary, not a choice, ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ focuses on supporting not-for profit organisations to achieve clear environmental outcomes and deliverables. Emirates serves six continents and while we cannot yet make a difference everywhere, ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ helps us take the first of many steps in that direction.”

Emirates’ ‘A Greener Tomorrow’



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