Measure to manage – saving fuel a priority as European airlines implement fuel efficiency software

Measure to manage – saving fuel a priority as European airlines implement fuel efficiency software | Aviaso,ETS Aviation,TUI,Aer Lingus,Skywork Airlines

Wed 17 July 2013 – Aer Lingus, SkyWork Airlines and four carriers within the TUI Travel Group are the latest airlines to employ specialist software to improve their fuel efficiency. Swiss company Aviaso reports it has successfully implemented its system at Aer Lingus to identify potential savings in fuel consumption and also achieve these savings by monitoring various fuel saving initiatives for each and every flight within the Irish carrier’s 56-strong fleet. SkyWork Airlines, which claims to be Switzerland’s fastest growing regional airline, has become the first turboprop-only operator to sign up for ETS Aviation’s Aviation FuelSaver fuel efficiency software system, which is to be coupled with specialist consultancy. ETS Aviation has also been selected by TUI Travel Group to power its fuel efficiency programme for Thomson Airways, Corsair, TUIfly Nordic and Arkefly.


The software supplied by Aviaso receives data from all fuel and flight relevant IT systems of an airline and in the case of Aer Lingus, more than 10 different IT systems are employed. High data quality is crucial, says the company, and data is checked, validated and possibly adjusted before it is used for analyses, with the software including more than 100 ready-made analysis reports. These reports, says Aviaso, allow Aer Lingus to achieve transparency over its fuel consumption and identify fuel savings potential.


“Applying ‘common’ fuel efficiency initiatives is nowadays well-established at many airlines. However, it is possible to achieve further fuel savings, as several of our airline clients demonstrate,” said Rudolf Christen, CEO of Aviaso. “The key is ‘measure to manage’. An airline needs to monitor day-by-day and flight-by-flight which initiatives are making progress and which are not. Such a comprehensive monitoring is one of the key functions of our fuel conservation software.”


Anne Bradley, Director of Operations Logistics at Aer Lingus, said it had been looking for fuel efficiency know-how, customer focus, flexibility and a proven track record in complex software projects in its selection process. “Aviaso provided excellent support throughout the project, which helped us to successfully achieve our project goals, despite the demanding requirements,” she added.


ETS Aviation says it is winning custom from smaller operators, such as SkyWork, that previously could not afford the cost of complex software and consultancy by pricing its programme according to the size of the operator.


“To see a turboprop operator who already flies a fuel-efficient fleet investing in our programme proves its worth,” said the company’s CEO David Carlisle. “It shows that Aviation FuelSaver really can improve operational efficiency for all aircraft operators, no matter their fleet size or aircraft.”


The Aviation FuelSaver software system provides a combination of smart software and fuel-saving expertise through a low-cost annual subscription, reports the company. The logic of the system is based on auto-processing and calculation across data from a large number of operating parameters, it says, and converts the data into easy-to-use graphical analysis charts and reports. The end-user benefits from accurate monitoring of the operational fuel efficiency, tracking of fuel efficiency procedures and the detection of potential fuel efficiency gains.


“The programme is the perfect way to manage our fuel efficiency ambitions,” said Tomislav Lang, CEO of SkyWork Airlines. “Our fleet of Dornier 328 and Dash 8 Q400s is known to be highly economical but there are always opportunities to become more fuel efficient. This is important to our customers, to our pilots and operational staff, as well as to our shareholders.”


Captain Jörn Mahringer, Team Leader of the TUI Airlines Fuel Efficiency Group, said the group was always looking for ways to improve operational efficiency.


“We found that the ETS Aviation team had developed a unique programme that combines technical expertise and experience with a powerful piece of software,” he said. “It means we get a common platform for all operators within the group and the potential for running an extremely effective programme which we will all benefit. The potential savings and environmental gains are unquestionably one of the airline industry’s major win/win activities.”




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