ICAO groups start work on developing a global market-based measure for international aviation emissions

ICAO groups start work on developing a global market-based measure for international aviation emissions | GMTF,EAG,ICAO 38th Assembly

Wed 12 Mar 2014 – As ICAO begins its task of developing a global market-based measure (MBM) to address the growth of international aviation emissions, the establishment of groups to carry out the political and practical aspects of the work is nearly complete. The UN agency’s governing Council has agreed a clear process and roadmap with expected milestones and the necessary governance structure, confirmed an ICAO spokesperson. Under the direction of the Council, the Environment Advisory Group (EAG) – a proposal of the BRIC countries – will oversee the work related to the development of the global scheme, which will be principally undertaken by a Global Market-based Measure Technical Task Force (GMTF) comprised of representatives and experts from ICAO member states, industry and NGOs. Both the EAG and GMTF held their first meetings last week.


The EAG is to comprise 17 ICAO member states with both a wide geographical and developed/developing world representation: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russian Federation, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States. Other Council members and non-Council representatives are also expected to be invited to participate in the group, along with observers from industry, NGOs and other bodies.


The GMTF, which is constituted under ICAO’s Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) and met in Washington DC last week, will initially focus on two main work streams looking at Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) and the eligibility criteria for emission units, with rapporteurs and co-rapporteurs assigned to the groups. Outside experts with relevant MBM experience will be nominated by CAEP members and observers, and are expected to advise in a non-partisan capacity.


The MRV group is to build on previous work undertaken by CAEP, and recommend requirements and procedures for the MRV of global carbon emissions from international civil aviation. It will look at existing and emerging MRV procedures that relate to aviation, together with methodologies related to fuel burn and carbon emissions.


The second group will evaluate and then recommend eligibility criteria for emission units, which include carbon offsets and allowances, for compliance under a global MBM. It will also assess the future availability of emission units from existing and proposed MBMs to satisfy the potential needs of the aviation sector and the impact this may have on carbon market supply, demand and price.


Under the roadmap, the groups are expected to report and provide preliminary conclusions for a CAEP meeting in September 2014, with further timelines set through 2015 and culminating in a report to CAEP’s formal tenth meeting (CAEP/10) in February 2016.


As requested in the resolution (A38-18) passed at the ICAO Assembly last October, regional workshops on a global scheme to consider progress will be organised to take place during mid-2015 that will be open to officials and experts of ICAO member states and relevant organisations.


Meanwhile, starting in April and unrelated to the MBM process, ICAO is launching a series of back-to-back ‘International Aviation and Environment’ and ‘States’ Action Plans’ seminars, which will take place in each ICAO region with a final event at ICAO Headquarters in Montreal.


The two-day ‘International Aviation and Environment’ seminars are open to the general public although aimed at authorities responsible for civil aviation and the environment, energy, industry, civil society and academia. They will provide an overview of CAEP’s work, ICAO policies and a range of relevant topics. The subsequent seminar, also over two days, is reserved for ‘Focal Points’ responsible for national State Action Plans, which ICAO introduced following the 2010 Assembly to help member states in their aviation emissions reduction activities.


The first seminars are scheduled for Mexico City (April 1-4) and Lima, Peru (April 7-10). Further seminars are due to be held in Cameroon, Kenya, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Poland.





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