Aviaso signs with CityJet for EU ETS reporting software and extends fuel efficiency contract with Monarch

Aviaso signs with CityJet for EU ETS reporting software and extends fuel efficiency contract with Monarch | Aviaso,CityJet,Monarch

Tue 13 May 2014 – European regional carrier CityJet has signed an agreement with aviation software company Aviaso for the implementation of a fully-automated EU ETS verification and reporting tool to ensure full compliance with the carbon emissions scheme. Legislation confirming flights between airports in the European Economic Area remain covered by the EU ETS entered into force on April 30. Meanwhile, Monarch Airlines has extended its contract with Aviaso for the Swiss-based company’s fuel conservation software, which has been used by the carrier since 2012 as part of its goal to improve fuel efficiency by 6.8% by the end of 2015. The software includes more than 100 ready-made analysis reports that allow the airline to understand its fuel consumption and identify potential fuel savings.


Aviaso focuses on developing complex, operational software for the aviation industry covering fuel efficiency, EU ETS reporting and crew communication, as well as integrating aviation IT systems. The company’s EU ETS software supports automated data collection and comes with adapters that connect directly to all major airline IT systems. High data quality is achieved with numerous ready-made validations and cross-check routines, describes Aviaso, and flexible customisation allows further validations to be added according to the airline’s monitoring plans and other needs. In addition to standard EU ETS reports, more reports are available for in-depth analyses and auditing purposes.


“Aviaso is helping several airlines in their successful compliance with complex and ever-changing legislation such as the EU ETS,” said Rudolf Christen, the company’s CEO. “We are carefully monitoring all changes related to the EU ETS and adjusting our software, if needed, to ensure our customers stay fully compliant.”


CityJet becomes the second Irish-based airline, along with Aer Lingus, to use the EU ETS software.


“EU ETS reporting is a demanding topic which requires rigorous quality checks and can be very time-consuming,” said Jack Killoch, CityJet’s General Manager Flight Operations. “Even though CityJet is a medium-sized airline, we have a relatively complex setup with many wet lease-in and wet lease-out flights and several IT systems with which the new EU ETS solution has to integrate. After evaluating several solutions, the Aviaso software did meet all our requirements. Furthermore, we have checked several airline references and the feedback we received was very good.”


Another customer, Nils Christy, Director of Operations for UK leisure carrier Monarch Airlines, said: “We have decided to extend the contract with Aviaso since we are very happy with the fuel efficiency software, its powerful functions and the good support.”


In addition to adding new fuel-efficient aircraft to its fleet and replacing older ones, the carrier is implementing a series of fuel-saving initiatives on the ground and during flight. “To measure these initiatives and identify additional fuel savings, we are using the Aviaso software for each and every flight,” said Christy.


Added Aviaso’s Christen: “Monarch Airlines is setting an example in weight reduction initiatives and ground and flying procedures that reduce fuel usage significantly. It is nice to see how Monarch is taking advantage of the capabilities of our software to measure and manage fuel saving initiatives such as single-engine taxiing, continuous descent approaches and reduced flap settings, to name a few.”






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