Nordic aviation sector joins with Boeing and Airbus to launch a regional sustainable biofuels initiative

Nordic aviation sector joins with Boeing and Airbus to launch a regional sustainable biofuels initiative | NISA

Fri 8 Nov 2013 – Nordic airlines, airports and aviation authorities, with the support of Boeing, Airbus and IATA, have come together to form an association to facilitate the development and uptake of sustainable aviation fuels in the region. The association, the Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation (NISA), says it is important the aviation sector gets its share of the limited biofuel resources available. With commercial production of sustainable jet fuel still in its infancy, NISA says the industry is concerned that other industries and transport sectors are being prioritised. NISA is the latest in a number of national and regional stakeholder groups being set up around the world seeking to establish sustainable aviation biofuel research activities and supply chains.


NISA partners include seven airlines (SAS, Finnair, Norwegian, Icelandair, Air Greenland, Malmo Aviation and Atlantic Airways), five airport groups (Copenhagen Airports, Swedavia, Avinor, Finavia and Isavia) and the transport authorities of Denmark, Sweden and Finland. As well as the two aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing, the other organisations participating are Brancheforeningen Dansk Luftfart, Svenskt Flyg, Svenska FlygBranschen, NHO Luftfart and IATA.


They say the focus will be on bringing together stakeholders throughout the supply chain – agriculture, technology suppliers, investors, regulators, producers and oil suppliers – to find the best and most energy efficient solutions, as well as at the same time put pressure on policy-makers to respond to the aviation sector’s sustainable fuel requirements.


“We are now preparing a feasibility study on feedstocks in the Nordic countries, and on methodologies, techniques, investments and how we can facilitate and coordinate more collaboration, as well as finding synergies between the many partners in the whole supply chain,” Martin Porsgaard, Environment and Sustainability Manager at SAS Group and NISA coordinator, told GreenAir.


Porsgaard said the support of Boeing and Airbus was of paramount importance since both have participated in the establishment of similar network organisations in other parts of the world. He added NISA was in dialogue with parallel activities in the EU and internationally.


Pioneered by the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuel Initiative (CAAFI) in the United States, groups have been set up in Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Romania, Brazil and more recently in South Africa (see article) and South-East Asia (see article).







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