Bruel & Kjaer signs Australian and Dutch contracts to enhance community engagement on aircraft noise

Bruel & Kjaer signs Australian and Dutch contracts to enhance community engagement on aircraft noise | Bruel & Kjaer,Airservices Australia,Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport

Wed 28 May 2014 – Danish airport noise management company Brüel & Kjær (B&K) has signed a five-year, A$25 million ($23m) contract with Airservices Australia, the country’s government-owned air traffic management authority, which has responsibility for environmental issues at major airports. The contract includes short and long term noise and flight monitoring, as well as the web-based noise information tool, WebTrak MyNeighbourhood, which allows residents around airports to see detailed data on take-offs and landings. The deployment of B&K’s aircraft noise information tools at Eindhoven Airport follows an agreement with a government, aviation sector and residents forum, ‘Alderstafel’, to enhance communications with the local community about airport operations, complaint handling and noise measurements.


Airservices’ existing WebTrak tool and Noise and Flight Path Monitoring system was provided by B&K under an ongoing contract that started in 2008. As well as maintaining the 40 permanent noise monitors located under or near flight paths at major Australian airports, the new contract also provides for greater flexibility and increased short-term noise monitoring. Short-term monitoring allows data to be obtained from locations where a permanent monitor cannot be installed and gives Airservices the ability to respond to community concerns.


“This system collects noise and flight path data from every aircraft operating to and from nine of our busiest airports, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using noise monitors strategically placed in suburbs and areas most impacted by aircraft noise,” said Dr Rob Weaver, Airservices’ Executive General Manager, Safety, Environment and Assurance.


“This data helps us to determine the contribution aircraft noise makes to the overall noise to which the community is exposed, and can assist government and local authorities with their decision-making processes.”


Eindhoven Airport, the Netherland’s second-busiest airport, is also a long-term user of B&K’s noise management solutions for complaint handling and noise reporting. As part of the community initiative, the airport and an ‘Alderstafel’ (Alders Platform) working group has created a website featuring B&K’s WebTrak and WebTrak MyNeighbourhood tools. These tools aim to provide the community with accurate information about their local airport, answers to frequently asked questions and a better understanding of airport operations.


According to B&K, the Eindhoven deployment of WebTrak MyNeighbourhood is a world first and will enable the public to investigate noise and flight information, including long-term trends and seasonal changes. Drill-down capabilities reveal further information about flights and noise, and WebTrak also provides an easy way for people to lodge complaints.




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