Europe Airpost signs with fuel efficiency software specialist Aviaso as French aerospace giant Safran enters market

Europe Airpost signs with fuel efficiency software specialist Aviaso as French aerospace giant Safran enters market | Aviaso,Sagem,Safran,Europe Airpost

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Tue 26 Aug 2014 – French aerospace company Sagem has launched a new service, SFCO2, to help airlines reduce their fuel consumption and costs as well as carbon emissions. Following a three-fold increase in the price of jet fuel over the past 10 years, Sagem says fuel is now the largest expenditure for airlines, accounting for 30 to 40 per cent of operating costs. Part of the giant Safran group, Sagem has developed SFCO2 jointly with sister aircraft engine company Snecma and will be provided by its services subsidiary Cassiopée. Meanwhile, Swiss-based Aviaso has won a tender from Europe Airpost to provide the French airline with its fuel conservation and efficiency software. The airline is currently implementing a sustainable development strategy that includes fleet modernisation, optimisation of take-off and landing performance and the introduction of non-polluting electrical ground power units.


Sagem says its new service will help airlines to lower their operating costs by issuing recommendations to specific requirements and practices, with support for implementing those initiatives through advanced training in best practice and utilising its Flight Data Monitoring analysis and flight operating experts.


Depending on the airline, Sagem claims the service can provide a one to five per cent reduction in fuel consumption. For example, it says, a Boeing 737-800 burns an average of 7,200 tonnes of jet fuel each year, which costs around $7.2 million, so reducing its consumption by just 1% would lead to savings of $72,000 per year per aircraft.


In addition to its software, Aviaso is also providing Europe Airpost with automated data collection, integrated data quality routines and comprehensive reporting for full compliance with the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) legislation.


The fuel efficiency software includes more than 100 ready-made analysis reports that allow an airline to understand its fuel consumption and to identify potential fuel savings by monitoring the various savings for each and every flight.


“After the launch of our ECO2 project, which has already reduced our annual fuel consumption by more than 2%, we are ready to take the next step and discover more ways to save fuel,” said Philippe Lonnoy, Director of Flight Operations at Europe Airpost. “We were looking for a software solution that not only helps us accurately monitor our ongoing initiatives but also allows us to find further fuel savings potential. We started a thorough evaluation process and talked to all major vendors of fuel efficiency and EU ETS software. Our final choice was Aviaso, since their solution very much convinced us in terms of functionality, ease of use and flexibility to adjust to our operations and IT systems. It is also important to see the software is already in use at several other mid-size and large airlines.”


Formerly called L’Aéropostale, Europe Airpost has both passenger and freight activities, operating a fleet of 18 Boeing 737 aircraft carrying around 550,000 passengers and 53,000 tonnes of freight annually.


It joins other Aviaso airline customers such as Aer Lingus, Air Berlin, CityJet, Lufthansa, Germanwings, KLM Cityhopper, LOT, Monarch and Thomas Cook.




Sagem – SFCO2



Europe Airpost – Sustainable Development






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