Auckland Airport partners with tenants to launch ambitious three-year, $2.5m energy savings programme

Auckland Airport partners with tenants to launch ambitious three-year, $2.5m energy savings programme | Auckland Airport

(photo: Auckland Airport)

Thu 28 Aug 2014 – Auckland Airport is to invest more than NZ$3 million (US$2.5m) over three years in projects to measure and manage energy in partnership with its tenants, which number more than 100 throughout its terminals and wider business district. The programme will aim to save six gigawatt hours of energy – enough to power 750 homes each year and worth over NZ$2 million – and reduce carbon emissions by around 1,000 tonnes per year. The first stage will see the installation of an energy monitoring system to help identify energy use and potential savings across the business district. The programme is the first collaboration of its type in the country between a large-scale commercial landlord and its tenants, and is supported by New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).


The airport has also committed to having the energy efficiency of its office buildings rated under the NABERSNZ scheme, so that the energy performance of the buildings will be independently verified.


“The company is at an exciting time in its development that enables us to build on the excellent energy efficiency work undertaken over the past few years, to create an airport of the future that is efficient, resilient and sustainable,” said Auckland Airport Chief Executive Adrian Littlewood. “To do this we need to expand our focus beyond the operational boundaries to our airport hub, our airport business district and the growing airport community. We need to engage, educate and facilitate change.”


Added EECA Chief Executive Mike Underhill: “Auckland Airport is one of New Zealand’s most significant commercial property owners, as well as being a strategic asset for the country. It’s already improved energy use significantly throughout its terminals, but this programme breaks new ground in taking a proactive partnership approach with tenants.”


The airport is a member of the Sustainable Business Council, which will help develop guidance resulting from the project and communicate this to member businesses.




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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority


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