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Aviation Carbon 2019

4-5 November 2019

London, UK


This annual event brings together the aviation, carbon market and NGO sectors, plus policymakers and other stakeholders, to inform and discuss the latest developments in addressing aviation’s climate impact. A strong focus at this year’s conference will be looking back on how airlines and business jet operators have dealt with the monitoring and reporting provisions of the global ICAO CORSIA scheme for international aviation that became effective in January and also important developments over the past year at ICAO concerning the environmental integrity of the scheme. The conference will also cover aircraft and alternative fuel technologies; prospects for an ambitious long-term goal to reduce aviation emissions in line with the Paris Agreement; and recent moves by Europe to impose additional taxation and carbon pricing on flights.


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RAeS Greener by Design Conference 2019

7 November 2019

London, UK


Climate change is the aviation industry’s biggest environmental challenge and the latest IPCC report urges the world to aim for a tighter limit on warming that requires a reduction to net zero emissions by the middle of this century. The industry has already committed to a net 50% reduction in emissions by 2050 but should it now raise that ambition? This year’s conference, organised by the Royal Aeronautical Society will debate this crucial strategic issue with senior speakers from within and outside the industry.


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IATA Sustainable Aviation Fuel Symposium

14-15 November 2019

New Orleans, USA


This annual event aims to help build business relationships, provide learning about new technologies, help understand global and regional policies, recognise sustainability requirements and explore collaborative solutions for deployment of sustainable aviation fuels.


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