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Sustainable Aviation Fuel Symposium

21-22 May 2020 [CANCELLED]
Berlin, Germany

The sixth SAFS organised by IATA will see the event hosted in Europe for the first time. It will build on existing momentum and draw a diverse international audience to advance the dialogue around the commercialisation of sustainable aviation fuels. Topics will include SAF technical and commercial progress; the political landscape including the growing appetite for nuanced policy towards SAF; airline forward purchase commitments and project developments; regulatory and demand-side sustainability requirements; emerging SAF technologies such as Power-to-Liquid; and how to tackle the challenges for more rapid commercial deployment.

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Fuel Talks at Kloster Seeon

16-17 June 2020 [POSTPONED]

Kloster Seeon, Germany


The seminar will provide an insight into the challenging aspects of fossil-based and renewable aviation fuels. It will address production technologies and international specifications for commercial and military kerosene jet fuels; an OEM perspective of performance and quality requirements for modern aviation fuels and their impact on aircraft operation; use and impact of aviation fuel additives; ASTM approval process for new aviation fuels and additives; and current and future alternative and renewable fuel components for aviation. The seminar will consist of presentations, Q&A discussion and networking. It is organised by Aviation Fuel Projects Consulting and conducted in cooperation with Chris Lewis Fuels Consultancy.


For more information, contact Dr Dietmar Posselt, dietmar.posselt@afpconsulting.org



ICAO Stocktaking Seminar on aviation in-sector CO2 emissions reductions

8-10 September 2020 [NEW DATES]

Montreal, Canada


The seminar will consider innovative solutions to unlock current and future CO2 aviation emissions reduction potentials. It will cover three areas for in-sector reductions: Technology, Operations and Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). The seminar will build upon the success of the first ICAO Stocktaking Seminar towards the 2050 Vision for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFS 2019), which provided a forum for the exchange of information and was the first step towards the establishment of a quantified 2050 ICAO Vision for Sustainable Aviation Fuels.


This seminar will provide an opportunity to continue the quantification of current and future SAF availability. Additionally, it will expand the scope of the stocktaking process by covering in-sector emissions reduction opportunities from aircraft technology improvements, innovations and operational improvements. ICAO Member States and stakeholders are invited to participate in the ICAO Stocktaking process by completing an ICAO Stocktaking 2020 Questionnaire.


As well as participating in the ICAO stocktaking process, attendees will have the opportunity to build partnerships with stakeholders and learn about the latest policies and initiatives related to aviation CO2 emissions reductions. The seminar will be attended by policy and decision makers from ICAO Member States; airlines, airports, fuel producers, manufacturers, environmental groups, energy companies, financial groups, aviation marketing agents and other organisations; technical experts and researchers from the entire fuel supply chain; and additional interested parties and individuals.


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Global Sustainable Aviation Summit 2020

29-30 September 2020

Geneva, Switzerland


Organised by the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG), this international event will bring together aviation sector sustainability leaders with governments to discuss highly relevant issues that will impact the industry’s sustainability agenda. It will provide an opportunity to learn about the extensive work that is ongoing across the industry to enable the aviation sector to play its role in long-term climate action. The Summit will also look at the role of the sector in global economic and social development; sustainable aviation fuels; technology, operations and infrastructure. A series of tailored workshops looking at other aspects of sustainable development of air transport will also take place.


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