Climate Change Governance in International Civil Aviation: Toward Regulating Emissions Relevant to Climate Change and Global Warming

By Tanveer Ahmad



Publisher’s synopsis:


Successful climate change governance in international civil aviation has yet to be achieved. In this book the author argues that to effectively govern emissions from international civil aviation of relevance to climate change and global warming, binding legal measures – whether de facto or de jure – and a mandatory but temporary global market-based measure, or unilateral market-based measures of the same model adopted by economically powerful States, for international civil aviation are immediately required. The book demonstrates how de jure soft law instruments, for example Annexes to the Chicago Convention, international environmental law principles, a new understanding and way of exercising the doctrine of State sovereignty, together with multilateral and unilateral economic instruments, can be utilised to reduce aviation’s environmental impacts. The author explores the existing capacities of the governance actors in aviation and shows how they can play a significant role in climate change governance from within their limited capacities.



About the author:


Dr Md. Tanveer Ahmad is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Law, North South University, Bangladesh. He earned his Doctor of Civil Law and Master of Laws from the Institute of Air & Space Law, McGill University, Canada. While at McGill, he held, among others, the Assad Kotaite Fellowship of ICAO and the Boeing Fellowship in Air & Space Law. He has authored several book chapters, journal articles and policy papers dealing with aviation environmental law issues.





Eleven International Publishing

The Netherlands



ISBN 978-94-6236-692-3  €90 / $135 / £83



September 2016


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