EgyptAir delivery flight of a 787-9 Dreamliner from Boeing sets new sustainable aviation fuel records

EgyptAir delivery flight of a 787-9 Dreamliner from Boeing sets new sustainable aviation fuel records | EgyptAir,EPIC Fuels,World Energy

EgyptAir Boeing 787-9 takes on blended fuel before delivery flight to Cairo (photo: EgyptAir)
Thu 25 July 2019 – The delivery of a new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to customer EgyptAir yesterday was powered by a 30/70 blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and conventional kerosene. The 13-hour, 11,000km delivery flight from Boeing’s facility in Everett, Washington, marks the longest flight to date using a SAF blend this high and the longest of any SAF-powered transatlantic commercial aircraft flight, claims the airline. EgyptAir also becomes the first North African airline to use SAF. The SAF was produced from used cooking oil by World Energy at its California biorefinery and supplied by EPIC Fuels. The airline said the Boeing 787-9 is expected to reduce fuel use and carbon emissions by 20% over the aircraft it is replacing. Boeing estimates the Dreamliner family has saved 37 billion pounds (16.8 million tonnes) of fuel since entering service in 2011, the equivalent of taking 10 million cars off the road for a year.


“Boeing and the industry believe sustainable fuel has significant long-term potential to help commercial aviation earn its licence to keep growing and meet our climate goals,” said Sheila Remes, VP Strategy at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.


The suppliers of the fuel say it has a 2% better energy content than fossil jet fuel and is a 3% lighter product, that allows potential for longer range or more cargo or passengers.


“As a fuel provider, EPIC Fuels recognises the need to find alternatives to petroleum-only based jet fuel. We are very proud to support EgyptAir on this bold record-setting flight,” said Kai Sorenson, the company’s Director of Commercial Sales. “We’ve participated in multiple demonstration flights to identify and fast track technologies. Now we are working closely with World Energy and Boeing to provide airline customers with commercially viable sustainable aviation fuel for new aircraft deliveries, which puts the industry one step closer to mainstreaming the use of SAF fuels.”


The aircraft delivered to Cairo is the fifth of six Boeing 787-9s ordered by the airline.


“We are committed to the sustainable growth of our airline and supporting commercial aviation’s efforts to protect the environment,” said Ahmed Adel, Chairman and CEO of EgyptAir.




Longest sustainable aviation fuel flights to date (source: EgyptAir):





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