ICAO Environmental Report 2019
'Destination Green – The Next Chapter'

ICAO Environmental Report 2019 'Destination Green – The Next Chapter' | ICAO A40

September 2019 – To coincide with the 40th Assembly, ICAO has published its triennial Environmental Report. The downloadable 376-page publication reports on ICAO’s international aviation environmental protection efforts and consolidates this progress in a single-reference source. It carries various articles and case studies that can best inform the public of the work conducted by the ICAO Secretariat, ICAO Member States, the aviation industry and the many other stakeholders involved. In her introduction to the report, ICAO’s Deputy Director, Environment, Jane Hupe says major steps have been taken since the 39th Assembly in 2013, including the adoption of CORSIA, a new CO2 emissions standard for aeroplanes and capacity building projects in ICAO Member States.


“With the implementation of all these activities, ICAO has consistently delivered on the ambition set by successive Assembly Resolutions on environmental protection, and is committed to maintaining its efforts by working together with Member States on the path towards a greener future,” she notes.


“Over the next triennium, ICAO and Member States, in collaboration with industry and other stakeholders, will move forward by continuing the implementation of measures to address aviation noise, and emissions that affect local air quality and the global climate; as well as undertaking work on new emerging technologies and forms of energy, such as all-electric and hybrid aircraft, supersonic aircraft, green and resilient airports, and adaptation to climate change, just to mention a few. Aviation is in essence a technology-driven sector that has fulfilled humankind’s dreams of flying.


“The next chapter for aviation will be to fulfil the societal aspiration of an environmentally sustainable flying future. The fourth industrial revolution offers an enormous opportunity, and innovation is at the forefront of the breakthrough needed to deliver fully sustainable air transport.”


The report can be downloaded here.



Chapter 1: Aviation and Environment Outlook

Chapter 2: Aircraft Noise

Chapter 3: Local Air Quality

Chapter 4: Climate Change Mitigation: Technology and Operations

Chapter 5: Climate Change Mitigation: Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Chapter 6: Climate Change Mitigation: CORSIA

Chapter 7: Climate Change Adaptation

Chapter 8: Towards a Circular Economy

Chapter 9: States’ Action Plans and Capacity-building

Chapter 10: Cooperation




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