American Airlines joins US Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Leaders programme

American Airlines joins US Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Leaders programme | American Airlines, Environmental Protection Agency, Climate Leaders

(photo: American Airlines)
Thu 26 Feb 2009 – American Airlines is to participate in the Climate Leaders programme of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Climate Leaders is a collaboration of business and the EPA to develop comprehensive climate change strategies in which members commit to reducing their impact on the global environment by setting ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals to be achieved over the next five to 10 years and reporting their progress to the EPA annually.
 “Our decision to join the Climate Leaders programme is the latest step in a long-standing commitment by American Airlines to help safeguard the Earth’s environment,” said Peggy Sterling, Vice President Safety, Security and Environmental. “We will not waver in our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment.”
The airline has committed to a 30% reduction in its greenhouse gas intensity ratio by 2025 and said it will work closely with Climate Leaders to set a mid-range goal to help meet this long-range target.
American Airlines said it has initiated a number of programmes over the past few years to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions including the replacement of its older MD-80 aircraft with Boeing 737-800 jets that have the potential to reduce emissions by 35% per seat mile. It has also introduced its Fuel Smart initiative that has reduced fuel consumption across its fleet by 111 million gallons annually, as well as a number of ground energy efficiency measures.
“There is much we can do as a corporation to reduce our environmental footprint, but the key to our success will be engaging our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders in our effort,” said Gerard Arpey, Chairman, President and CEO of AMR Corporation and American Airlines. “We all have a stake in a cleaner environment, and we all have a role to play as we demonstrate that we can protect the environment we share while simultaneously preserving the many benefits of air travel.”
Other members of the Climate Leaders programme include Virgin America, which joined last October, and Boeing. So far, 256 US organizations have joined the programme.
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