Database launched to provide aviation industry with comprehensive guidelines on airport sustainability

Database launched to provide aviation industry with comprehensive guidelines on airport sustainability | ACI, SAGA

Port of Seattle is a member of the SAGA Planning Group
Wed 21 Oct 2009 – A new resource to help airports worldwide to share and access new and evolving trends in airport sustainability has been launched in the United States. The consolidated database includes almost 900 existing sustainability measures undertaken at airports in North America. Users are able to search for specific examples based on a broad range of criteria, with each practice categorized in three areas: Activities (such as construction, operations, administration), Functional (retail, rental car, taxiway) and EONS (economic, operations, natural resources, social).
When applicable, users can access specific examples of the concepts contained in the three sections, including the implementation strategies and practices. These examples are often coupled with a link to a specific airport document or resource for further information.
The online database was released by the Sustainable Aviation Guidance Alliance (SAGA), a coalition of aviation associations that includes Airports Council International – North America (ACI-NA), Airport Consultants Council (ACC), American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), Air Transport Association (ATA) and the FAA.
“Airports across the country and around the world have undertaken or are in the process of implementing innovative sustainability programmes to improve efficiency in aviation, but until today, there has been no central repository of this important information,” said Greg Principato, President of ACI-NA. “The information in this database can be tailored to the unique needs of airports of all sizes and will serve as a major resource for airport operators working to plan, implement and improve upon sustainability programmes at their sites.”
John Duval, Chair of the AAAE commented: “It’s important that airports of all sizes be able to turn to one particular resource as they undertake environmental improvement projects of any scale. This was the foundation on which this initiative was first created. We want to make sure this guidance is both accessible and obtainable.”
ACC President Paula Hochstetler said: “Sustainability is becoming more mainstream at our nation’s airports because it reaps tangible costs savings and environmental and social benefits. We are pleased to partner with ACI-NA and AAAE on this important industry initiative that will help airports of all sizes to become more sustainable.”
In addition to the database, SAGA also released a four-part accompanying guidance, ‘Sustainable Aviation Resource Guide: Planning, Implementing and Maintaining a Sustainability Programme at Airports’, for use by airport operators in evaluating and selecting sustainable practices at their airport.  The four sections cover:
·         defining sustainability;
·         planning, implementing, improving and/or maintaining a sustainability programme;
·         sustainability programme examples; and
·         using the database.
“The application of sustainability practices is constantly evolving,” Principato said. “These guidelines and the database are a living resource that will be regularly updated. We encourage our members to establish regular contact with the SAGA team to keep us apprised of the new and exciting practices being implemented at your airport. Advancing our industry goals in airport sustainability is truly a team effort.”
Meanwhile, airport sustainability is a key theme of the inaugural edition of the ACI World Business Partner Board newsletter, called Aviation Dialogue. The newsletter contains seven relevant articles on the issue:
·         Airports Sustainable Development: Principals and Key Issues (by Dr Callum Thomas, CATE, Manchester Metropolitan University, Dr Dimitrios Dimitriou, CATE/MMU, Cranfield University, Dr Kostas Iatro, Air Transport News)
·         Sustainable Building Practices Enhance Delivery and Performance of Aviation Projects  (by Shannon Eckart, Public Relations Manager, Turner Construction)
·         Three Steps to Carbon Neutral Airport Facilities (by Nellie Reid, Director of Sustainable Design, Gensler)
·         A sustainable renovation: Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX (by Gordon Phillip, Vice President and Director, Leo A Daly)
·         Flying Responsibly: The Winnipeg Airport LEEDs the Way (by Samantha Shah, Senior Marketing Coordinator, and Philippe Roulston, Marketing Team Leader, Stantec Architecture)
·         Indianapolis Opens First Sustainable Post-911 Greenfield Terminal (by Rasmus Ripley, Project Lead Designer, HOK)
·         Automatic Debris Detection – a step closer to increased capacity and lower emissions (by Dr Dominic Walker, Product Development Director, QinetiQ Airport Technologies).



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