Malmö Aviation achieves ISO 14001 certification as part of long-term commitment to environmental performance

Malmö Aviation achieves ISO 14001 certification as part of long-term commitment to environmental performance | Malmo Aviation,ISO14001

Malmö Aviation RJ100 aircraft
Mon 21 Dec 2009 - Malmö Aviation, Sweden’s second-largest airline, has achieved the ISO 14001 international standard on environmental management, which the carrier says will further reinforce continued environmental efforts to reduce carbon and noise emissions as well as waste. The standard is used within all categories of business and industry to assure systematic and controlled environmental improvements. Environmental auditors from SP Certifiering reported the airline had effectively managed to inspire commitment throughout the organization to the environmental objectives it had set and thus raise the company’s environmental awareness.
“We are delighted to be able to tell our customers and partners that we have achieved our eco-certification,” said Malmö Aviation’s Environmental Manager, Ann-Sofie Hörlin. “But it is important to note that we did not go through the process just to get a fancy certificate to hang on the wall. We have set high environmental objectives from the very beginning, which is also why we chose to work with SP Certifiering, one of the most respected certification bodies in Sweden.
“Monitoring and following up our activities and achieving continual improvement of our eco performance is a long-term commitment. We intend to continue reducing and preventing our negative environmental impact, and the environmental awareness and commitment of our employees is a crucial factor.”
Malmö Aviation CEO Bengt Roswall commented: “As a traveller, you are simply doing the right thing by making environmental demands on your carrier. We are managing the reduction of our carbon emission in several ways. Research into renewable biofuels and green flights to minimize carbon emissions are just two concrete examples of how the aviation industry and Malmö Aviation are involved and taking responsibility for our environmental impact. Now that we have lived up to the rigorous standards required to achieve the eco-certification, we can proudly confirm that determined environmental efforts pay off.”
The airline, part of the Braathens Aviation Group, operates nine Avro RJ100 aircraft and employs around 450 staff.



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