Qantas launches new domestic onboard recycling programme in effort to reduce landfill waste by a quarter

Qantas launches new domestic onboard recycling programme in effort to reduce landfill waste by a quarter | Qantas,Green Flight,recycling
Mon 21 Dec 2009 – Qantas has launched a new domestic onboard recycling programme in partnership with Closed Loop Recycling, which provides recycling solutions and environmentally sustainable packaging. To support its activities, Qantas has developed a reference page on its website for customers interested in seeking information on the recycling programme and all other environmental initiatives. Meanwhile, Green Flight, an Australian provider of environmental solutions for airlines, has combined with US-based Aero Jet Wash to launch GreenWash, a new environmentally safe jet engine washing service.
Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said the airline’s new inflight recycling initiative builds on its existing recycling programmes, and was another step towards the Qantas Group’s goal of achieving a 25% reduction to landfill by 2011.
“At Qantas, sustainability guides everything we do. We are committed to implementing processes and policies that will help protect the environment for generations to come from recycling to providing best practice carbon offsetting facilities,” he said.
“Under the new initiative, we plan to recycle approximately eight and a half million bottles, cups, tumblers and cans per year from domestic services. The inflight recycling programme also complements established recycling programmes in selected Qantas Clubs in Australia for paper, cardboard and glass.”
Green Flight’s new service utilizes the Aero Jet Wash closed loop engine washing system, so all waste water and materials are collected during the wash process and disposed off-site.
The ability to perform the operation on-wing, wherever the aircraft is located, saves operators relocating aircraft to a specific location or hangar. Green Flight will set up local operational units where required around the world to suit the needs of clients.
“We wanted to give airlines and MROs an environmentally safe, quick – the washes are typically performed inside of two hours – and, importantly, inexpensive engine washing option,” said Dennis McMahon of Green Flight.
The washing of aircraft engines has shown to result in significant savings of fuel and emissions.

The Aero Jet Wash system:




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