New 1.6 MW solar system at Denver International now fully powers fuel farm's electricity needs

New 1.6 MW solar system at Denver International now fully powers fuel farm's electricity needs | Denver International Airport

The original 2 MW system at DIA comprised of 9,200 Sharp solar panels (photo: DIA)
Wed 3 Mar 2010 – A second large-scale solar power system at Denver International Airport (DIA) has come into operation and will power the airport’s fuel storage and distribution facility, providing nearly all the required electricity consumption. The 1.6 MW photovoltaic system, sited on nine acres (3.6ha) north of the airfield, comprises of around 7,400 Sharp solar panels and was commissioned following the success of a 2 MW solar power array inaugurated in August 2008 (see story). DIA will buy electricity generated by the system at a rate equal to 90 percent charged by the local utility Xcel Energy.
The system was financed and developed by MP2 Capital and Oak Leaf Energy Partners and constructed by Qanta.
“This project will reduce energy costs for our airline and cargo business partners over the 20-year term of the power purchase agreement,” said DIA Aviation Manager Kim Day. “DIA has a widespread reputation as a ‘green’ airport, and this project is another example of our commitment to environmental responsibility.”
Ron Kenedi, Vice President of Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group, said: “This solar PV system, featuring modules made in the US, will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, electricity costs and grid constraints – while helping to improve Denver’s air quality. Sharp is delighted to have once again provided the solar modules for one of the most forward-thinking cities and airports in the country.”
DIA was the first international airport in the US to have its Environmental Management System certified to the ISO 14001 international standard and the first airport to be accepted into the US Environmental Protection Agency National Environmental Performance Track Program.



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