Airbus A380 to fly the flag for the UN's International Year of Biodiversity 2010

Airbus A380 to fly the flag for the UN's International Year of Biodiversity 2010  | Biodiversity,Green Wave

(photo: Airbus)
Thu 11 Mar 2010 - Airplane manufacturer Airbus is marking the International Year of Biodiversity by featuring the official logo on its A380 superjumbo aircraft during 2010. Airbus, in partnership with National Geographic magazine, pledged its support in June 2009 for the UN Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity’s (CBD) Green Wave initiative, which is designed to educate young people about life on Earth, the importance of biodiversity, its role in their future and the steps they can take to nurture the nature around them. The United Nations General Assembly has designated 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity to bring greater global attention to the continued loss of biodiversity.
Airbus describes the A380 as the most efficient airliner ever conceived, “symbolizing the aviation industry’s determination to balance growth in air travel with a commitment to minimize its carbon footprint.” It claims fuel consumption at less than three litres per 100-seat kilometres, corresponding to less than 75g of CO2 per passenger per km.
Rainer Ohler, Airbus SVP Public Affairs & Communications said: “The aviation sector remains committed totackling the 2% it contributes to manmade carbon dioxide emissions, having already reduced aircraft emissions by 70% and noise by 75% in the last 40 years. However, as a global company, Airbus is also committed to using its global outreach to support those tackling the other 98% of emissions. Both commitments are key to a more sustainable world, where growth in air travel need not be inconsistent with preserving the environment. This is why Airbus is supporting the CBD and backing the Green Wave, to make this global campaign as far reaching as possible.”
As part of the Green Wave initiative, each year on the International Day of Biodiversity (22 May), young people globally are invited to plant a tree at 10am local time, thereby creating a ‘green wave’ as the activity passes through each time zone.
On joining the initiative last year, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said: “I commend Airbus and National Geographic for their support, and I encourage students, parents and teachers to ride The Green Waveand spread the word. Even small contributions can make a big difference. Protecting our planet’s biodiversity is crucial if we are to ensure the health of people and planet alike.”



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