ETS Aviation's carbon footprinting software to be integrated into pilots' electronic flight bags

ETS Aviation's carbon footprinting software to be integrated into pilots' electronic flight bags | ETS Aviation
Wed 5 May 2010 – ETS Aviation, which specializes in aviation emissions Monitoring, Reporting and Verification software systems and support services, has signed an agreement with Canadian electronic flight bag company On-Board Data Systems (OBDS) that will provide pilots with a simple, on-board emissions reporting and carbon footprinting application. ETS Aviation was established in response to the introduction of the Aviation EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) and has developed what it claims is the world’s first online aviation emissions monitoring and reporting system, called Aviation Footprinter.
Electronic flight bags (EFBs) are designed to replace the copious amounts of paper documentation required by pilots on the flight deck and OBDS has provided EFB and electronic checklist products and services to over 500 aircraft operators, fleets and aircraft manufacturers.
“Our system integrated with ETS Aviation’s allows pilots to enter flight data into a simple form that takes a minute to fill out,” explained Charles Guerin, President of OBDS. “The data is then automatically forwarded from the EFB to the Aviation Footprinter server, where it manages all the intricacies of the EU ETS for a single aircraft, or an entire fleet.
We expect Aviation Footprinting to catch on over here, whether it’s a European flight or not. All operators want to do the right thing and have an environmental programme that monitors each aircraft’s emissions footprint. This system does more than just meet the EU requirements. It will power a carbon risk management system and help locate fuel saving and emissions efficiency opportunities.”
David Carlisle, CEO of ETS Aviation, commented: “We know that the EU ETS requirements are dominating the spotlight at present, but operators are already starting to recognize the inevitability of a fully international environmental responsibility regulatory programme.
“Aviation Footprinter is designed to be pilot friendly, operations friendly and auditor friendly. In addition to its carbon footprinting and analytical functions, leading verification bodies in the UK are looking at the viability of remote verifications using this system. ETS data held and accessible to verifiers on a web-based system would substantially reduce the auditors’ on-site auditing and travel time. It’s another way we can help to keep costs down, increase efficiency and do our bit for the planet.”
In addition to its online footprinting technology, ETS Aviation offers a range of outsourcing services to operators, large and small, on a subscription basis.
The company recognizes that compliance with EU ETS regulations is proving a challenge to a large number of airlines and is expecting to provide a relevant service to clients. In anticipation, it has recently joined the international standards body BSI’s Associate Consultant Programme.
With our experience and tools we are confident that we can provide the industry with a really cost-effective approach to regulatory compliance by providing a full service solution that prepares airlines for external verification,” said Carlisle.



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