Portal launched to help businesses simply measure and offset carbon emissions of staff flights

Portal launched to help businesses simply measure and offset carbon emissions of staff flights | Climate Friendly

Anemon Intepe Wind Farm is supported by Climate Friendly's FlightPortal
Mon 21 June 2010 – A new automated carbon measurement and offsetting portal has been launched by Australia-based Climate Friendly that is designed to be a simple tool for businesses worldwide to manage and offset their staff flight emissions. Called FlightPortal, it is designed specifically to link the global corporate travel sector to the global clean energy sector, and is available from a network of the world’s leading travel management companies. According to the company, thousands of tonnes of CO2 have already been offset through FlightPortal by clients supporting projects spanning wind, geothermal, sustainable biomass and micro hydro across Europe, Asia and the Pacific region. Customers include the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), Macquarie Group and WWF.
“We are focused on quality and innovation to drive large-scale carbon reduction,” said Climate Friendly CEO Freddy Sharpe. “For the first time, companies can now manage global flight emissions in a simple automated way, and support sustainable development while they do business.
“Staff air travel is unavoidable for many organizations, so offsetting becomes the only option for taking responsibility for the resulting emissions. Staff are increasingly demanding support from management for these sustainability measures.”
Climate Friendly says it will provide clients with a proposal and costing based on the company’s flight activity. By offsetting through FlightPortal, the company will receive the services of a dedicated account manager, a diverse selection of offset projects independently verified against a high quality international standard to support and offset invoices, certificates and carbon reports.
Climate Friendly, which was founded in 2003, has created its own flight emissions calculator and by default applies a 2.7 ‘multiplier’ to account for the non-CO2 impact of flights, although the company’s website says it has plans to offer customers a ‘fuel-only’ offset option.



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