ETS Aviation partners with United Aviation Services to offer Aviation EU ETS carbon accountancy solution

ETS Aviation partners with United Aviation Services to offer Aviation EU ETS carbon accountancy solution | ETS Aviation,United Aviation Services

Mon 29 Nov 2010 – Software and carbon accountancy firm ETS Aviation is to partner with United Aviation Services, a multi-national provider of trip planning and flight support services, to offer clients a new EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) service called ETS LINKED. Designed specifically for the aviation industry, the service aims to streamline the recording, reporting and verification of flight data as well as help maximize carbon credit allocation for flight operators of all sizes. The two partners say errors and inconsistencies in data reporting can lead not only to substantial fines but more importantly the loss of free carbon certificates allocated under the EU ETS, and their system can help lighten the compliance burden, particularly for smaller operators.


“Failure to submit tonne-kilometre (TK) reports or lack of accuracy in reporting data could cost a medium-sized airline millions of euros over the reporting cycle,” said Nick Cavell, Business Development Director of Dubai-headquartered UAS, which handles over 500 aircraft operators worldwide.


Cavell believes many operators are unprepared and lacking the resources required to deal with the full scale of the regulatory compliance, despite the two partners estimating the value of just 1,000 airline flights could be upwards of €3 million in free certificates for the 2012-2020 reporting cycle.


“Few have the time and money needed to establish a system that measures, records and reports fuel usage with 100% accuracy, and presents the data in such a way that the auditing is straightforward,” he said.


“With ETS LINKED, either UAS or the operator can simply upload flight data and the system organizes everything, separating information into flight lines, which are stored in a dedicated database. Crucially, the system also locates any errors, enabling corrections to be made before the annual emissions and TK reports are produced, with the click of a mouse.


“What’s more, it also promises a massive opportunity to simplify and streamline the verification process because operators can upload flight records as support documentation and benefit from a secure online connection to aviation verification service providers. This feature alone promises additional new benefits and cost-efficiencies with electronic data and remote auditing.”


ETS LINKED is powered by ETS Aviation’s Footprinter custom-designed software.




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